Con Brio!

Art, Music

My brother-in-law, that is to say the brother of my girlfriend, recently asked me to join me at going to a concert of the San Fransisco based band Con Brio in the famous Amsterdam Paradiso venue. I did not know the band but a quick Google search quickly did decide me to see this awesome band. The concert took place in the small hall, which holds I think 200 people at most. The small room created an intimate vibe but a challenging situation if you want to take photographs as well. I had to shoot at one position, with minimum light. Luckily, the band gave an exhilarating performance, matching Vintage Trouble (see this post) which resulted in a quite a bit ‘keepers’. I rarely post more than one picture, but this time I simply have to.
Con Brio con-brio-paradiso-29112016_vincent-van-kleef-11-of-19 Con Brio Con Brio Con Brio Con Brio


Transcending love


Recently, I took my daughter for a walk through the Erasmus Park in Amsterdam. It was a lovely autumn day with beautiful light and colours. When your child grows older, self-consciousness grows too meaning that often your daughter or son does not want to be caught on camera that much any more. Luckily my daughter still has no issues with that and I think that is partly because she admires my skills of taking portraits of her but also the way I take pictures. Pictures that are worthwhile transcend something from the photographer to the person who is looking at it. This picture is a good example of that. I am full of love, admiration and awe for my daughter, and this picture is a reflection of that. Technically spoken one can say it is not in focus and the framing is (a bit) off. On the other hand the backlighting of her hair and the beautiful bokeh is great. I really like the atmosphere of the photograph. I added some grain and highlight colouring as well.
Transcending love