Friends 4Ever

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Bumped in each other at the tender age of 4, after 10 years my daughter and her best friend still enjoy their company to the fullest. They are like a symbiosis of thoughts, joy and actions. Wonderful to see and a great gift of life.Imagei



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Taking pictures at concerts combines two passions of mine and furthermore, it’s very time efficient! Like I stated before , due to other time-consuming activities I don’t shoot as much as I’d like to so I try to take my camera with me whenever this is possible. This month I went to a concert of the incredible Kaki King. I stumbled upon this amazing guitarist a while ago as she performed at a Ted talk. My jaw dropped on the floor as she combines an unbelievable virtuosity with the most beautiful melodies. As she visited the Netherlands this month, I just had to see her. I sat in the front row with my girlfriend, just a few feet from Kaki. Just with other artists I admire, like Satriani, Brian May¬†or Harry Sacksioni it is almost a surreal experience to watch them just in front of you doing what they do so good.

At his concert Kaki left me in complete awe. As a bonus, her guitar tech turned out to be a very capable singer!

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