The gift of photography

I recently did a shoot to document an event for a market research company.The event was at a well-known trade show, which attracts many customers. The research company has a proposition to its clients that they have real, authentic conversations with their customers, hence their company name ‘TrueTalk’. As panelists often feel intimidated being interviewed by […]

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Your highest power

Your highest spiritual power is your ability to laugh. To laugh HARD, no holding back and not being afraid to be looked upon as a crazy person or to feel vulnerable. It not only releases you from tension and gets your body to make all sorts of good feeling hormones, it also nuances the ‘problem’ […]

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Just look at her eyes. Full of wonder. What does he want from me? What is that thing he is holding? I took this picture while volunteering at a charity event I was participating in (taking photographs that is). Look at that smooth bokeh of the wonderful Summilux lens *sigh* 🙂

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