Look at that #2

The Rembrandt Plein is one of the tourist hot spots of Amsterdam. Many tourists take pictures with the Rembrandt statues and enjoy the food and drinks that are widely available. My eye caught this little fella…..he was fascinated by the performance of a group of street artists and jumped several times ‘on stage’. A wonderful […]

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Look at that

Through my girlfriend’s professional network, I recently was asked to document a charity event. This event was held in a youth hostel where vintage clothes, books and all sort of used stuff were being collected and passed on to other people. There were also services being offered like hair dressing, learning guitar and massage. A […]

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Just look at her eyes. Full of wonder. What does he want from me? What is that thing he is holding? I took this picture while volunteering at a charity event I was participating in (taking photographs that is). Look at that smooth bokeh of the wonderful Summilux lens *sigh* 🙂

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