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Shot from the hip as they say. I can’t get enough of watching children exploring the world. As my daughter is growing up to be a wonderful adult, I keep being fascinated by small children. Besides the symmetry in the composition, I like the way the child moves its arms while walking down the path. The sheer wonder of a young human being exploring all that’s new, is a never-ending inspiration for me to keep grounded and have that beginners mind.I am with you


Old meets new

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Armed with the Yashica medium format, I saw these boys being emerged in their play with a smart phone. I noticed that the younger boy had to stretch his body to see what the other boy was doing. The other boy, I’d guess his older brother, did not seem to matter in the slightest way that his younger brother had to do go to such great pains and kept on being busy with his phone. This sight and the composition prompted me to take the camera out of my bag and snap this picture.Old meets new

Looking for

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I’ve been to Brussels lately (see my former post) and after we enjoyed the view we rushed into the elevator building a couple of feet away. As we were waiting for the rain to go away, I decided to look for photo opportunities. Looking down I saw this composition of lines and depth of field. The picture also works in color but as this is a site dedicated to my black and white photography, I leave you with this one 🙂Brussel_Rollei Retro_100_Grain TriEx400_sepia terra 5 (1 of 1)

Four legged

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Not a particular nice or esthetic picture this time, but it makes me chuckle. Strolling around in my beloved Utrecht, I suddenly saw this man sitting on the lap of his girlfriend/wife (?). The blunt look on his face (as if this posture was common practice for them) and the legs of the woman sticking out between his, made me grap my camera. I had to use the technique explained by Zack Arias (fast forward to the 1 minute mark), but as you can see-click to enlarge-the man just started to look agitated. I would have been annoyed too….Four legged

Hello Again

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Hello again.

I don’t regret starting this blog at all, but I have to confess to you that it is quite a challenge to put out blog posts on a regular basis. This is quite frustrating for the fact that I have started this blog with the intention to just do that. I also have seen the amount of followers increase each time I have posted a picture and a thought. Posting regularly is crucial if you have the ambition to reach a huge international audience so things don’t go exactly as I want them to go ;-). Be able to express my self through photography and words is one of the key drivers for me to have a blog like this. Not be able to take as many pictures as you’d like to is sad enough but as the pictures are the foundation of what I write, taking no or very few pictures means no or very few blog posts as well. Restricting to only black and white pictures taken with my trusty and quirky Leica makes things not easier either.

Lucklily I cary my camera with me most of times anyway and this enables me to take pictures on the go as this pictures shows. I had been visiting the impresive exposition on Diane Arbus in the Foam museum with my daughter and after enjoying a premium priced apple fritter at the Dam square, we walked back to Central Station as I came across one of the any Japanese tourists. I know that the interwebs are crowded with pictures like these but I like the atmosphere of the picture and the non verbal expression of the people. I hope you like too and that 2012 has brought many great things to you. Let 2013 be just like that!