Synchronicity is an interesting concept in the sense that is ‘the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not casually connected’. I am sure you have experienced this phenomena yourself. The beauty of it contains also the problem with it and that it has a subjective nature, hence the criticism this concept gets. I find it fascinating anyway and it prompted me to post this picture. I took  it at the Rockefeller Centre in New York. The two gentlemen seemed completely in sync, hardly exchange words with each other.




Walking beauty


Crossing the street in New York, I saw this woman waiting for a taxi. In a glimpse of a second I was able to grab my camera and take this picture. Converting the picture to black and white, I once again got the confirmation what a great camera for black and white photography the Leica M8 is! Others agree, see here 🙂


Walking beauty

The urge to

People, Street

As my daughter and I crossed Times Square, this man walked towards the tribune which is situated just there.  The intense  look on his face and the sign he was holding made me grab my camera and take this picture. After that, I watched him sort of fall into the bunch of people who sat on the tribune. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind and one was: what makes people having the urge to do these sort of things?


The Urge

New York


I recently visited New York along with my daughter. A wish of ours finally fulfilled. It has been a fantastic experience, in many ways. I took this picture on top of the Rockefeller Center, at the observation deck. I like the composition and to be honest; I got the idea when looking downwards to a woman taking a (seemingly) similar picture with her smart phone. I rarely use the 21 mm Voigtlander lens (about 28mm on the M8), but it is just right for this kind of pictures. New York_donderdag_Rollei Retro 80S_Yellow filter 29_sepia terra 10 (14 of 19)