Entwined and precious

I volunteer at a bio organic farm as a documentary photographer. A lovely family with a dedication and a work ethic which blows me away every time I am at the farm. I experience quite some stress at my work at this moment which means that today when the sun is shining, I am behind […]

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“The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the ‘all seeing eye’ pierces through, and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn’t indicate or promise, and which the other kind couldn’t detect. —Mark Twain” I know a few people in my inner circle […]

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Endlessly he practised his tricks on the skateboard while chatting to his friend. I just had to snap it!  

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Leaping through the raindrops

I am not a big fan of putting the leaping jaguar statue on modern Jaguar cars, but sometimes it can result in a nice picture like this one. As I was walking through the pouring rain of The Hague, I was totally silent and in the moment. I felt the raindrops penetrating my clothes. I […]

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