Doing nothing


It’s a funny thing. I consider myself as someone with a crazy monkey mind in the sense that I am constantly thinking about something to do. It has been one of the drivers to my meditation and yoga practice as I was in need for a place to come back to everyday. To keep sane as to speak. Having said that, I really can enjoy doing nothing as long as I have no distractions like playing guitar, working out with weights or listening to music (to name just a few)….So, that’s actually a bit weird but I’d guess it’s one of the ways the human mind works.

So, one day as I decided to take a ride on my bicycle day, I also decided to let my sense (or rather lack of) of direction determine which way to go. As I approached the city of Utrecht, the city I love so dearly, I stopped to have a break in a park near the city center. Just sitting on a bench, seeing people enjoying their selves and having a conversation with a couple next to me, a feeling of well-being fueled my senses. The less you do, the more you sense. Sound and vision. Smell and touch. I try to incorporate these quality moments in my life more often. As long as this not becomes one of the many things-to-do, it’s okay right? 😉