To sit quietly

We all make mistakes. We all waste resources. We waste our words, our energy and our time until we pause and think deeply about what matters in our life. When we hold on tight to our views, the mind shrinks and smothers any power to love. In that state, the soul can’t breathe new energy […]

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To begin anew is to look deeply and honestly at ourselves—our past actions, speech, and thoughts—and to create a fresh beginning within ourselves and in our relationships with others.-Thich Nhat Hanh

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I got interviewed

This is awesome: I got interviewed by the renowned Dutch Leica photographer Joeri van der Kloet. Joeri is a friend of me too, so that’s a double whammy eh? No featured photograph this time….just check out the interview 😉    

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The love for a child

Expressing your love for someone in a way that gives full meaning to what you actually feel on a soul level other than with your touch, is impossible.As I expressed in this post, be able to connect to your soul and someone else’s, enables you to experience life beyond the perceptions made by your mind’s […]

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Wrinkles, cars and scars

A short one this time. I love these old cars showing their age. Just like the wrinkles on your face, the dents and scars on your heart. I hope to add some more pictures to this blog next time. This picture I shot with the wonderful Olympus OM2-n, loaded with Portra 400 and converted to […]

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