Old but not forgotten


At the Rotterdam Maashaven harbour, there used to be a lot of activity. Sure, the Rotterdam port is still one of the largest of its kind but this particular segment has been out-of-order for a long time. It’s a beautiful place to stroll around though and it’s very photogenic.Maashaven_Voigtlander_Tri-x (1 of 1)


Rock and Roll Baby!

Art, Music

Whenever I visit a concert, my thoughts wander away from the scene….wishing I was at the stage instead of the artists I’ve come to listen and watch. These are people who are following their passion and use their talents to the fullest. ┬áThe saying ‘want what you have and don’t want what you don’t have’ is oh so true, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting things which are apparently not on my path :-). Having said that, I do actually play in a band which is great. Music let’s you connect with other people on a whole other level than with words. For me creating music with like-minded people really fills up a gap which is otherwise been neglected. It can be playing in a band other just with a singer, which I have done many times too. This picture is of the awesome band Oli Brown, taken at the Satriani concert in Tilburg. If you like gutsy blues rock, you definitely have to check them out!Satch (1 of 1)-4