Non attachment


Walking towards the train station to pick up a friend of mine, I decided to take some pictures as well. I spotted this couple, they passed me in a glimpse so I felt lucky to have catched them ‘on film’. They seemed in a hurry and that made me even more curious about their story. Examing the picture afterwards confirmed my initial thought that I had when I decided to release the shutter. The thought of two people strongly tied to each other. Sure the tandem bike reinforces this thought, but also the expression on their faces. Made me think how people can be depended on each other, for the worse and the better. Sometimes you have no choice other than to depended on someone. In general however, the insight of non attachment changed my life completly. The idea of not clinging to people, relationships, possesion or anything that seem to determine your luck, is liberating and makes you appreciate the things you have at his very moment even more.





Becoming a father, at 27, I realised that a next generation was coming my way. Things come and go, as life is all about being in a flux. Just turned 40 now, my daughter will be turning 13 within a few months. Phew. What can I possibly add to all the things already said about the connection you have with your child or parent? Let this photograph tell you my feelings…and yours.

Street photography


Street photography is hot these days. Henri Cartier Bresson is obviously one of the heros in this genre and with the revival of the Leica brand, the increasing capable camera’s of smartphones and 4/3 camera’s being very in vogue, a lot of people seem to be attracted to this art now a days. I have mixed feelings with this phenomenon. With the practice itself and it’s popularity. Catching everyday moments and transform them into a piece of art can truly be a celebration of life, stressing the power of Now. But just with all things ‘underground’, it loses somewhat of its appeal when becoming mainstream. Taking a picture of someone without any permission can be inappropriate and annoying for the person confronted with your love of street photography. The picture of this man, taken in Amsterdam, represents a typical example of taking photographs on the street. Intriguing looks and personality and therefore just begging to be photographed ;-). Shot from the hip, without his permission. In my humble opinion shot with respect. However, very debatable as well, so feel free to comment….

Seasick Steve


Seasick Steve. Stompin’, sweatin’, guitar wieldin’ like a lethal weapon. Taking the music world by a storm and leaving everybody with the love for earth shattering blues in awe. Former hobo,70 years old and still rambling on , this man illustrates that the path of your life takes unexpected turns. Never take the destination you think you’re heading to, for granted. Live intensely and enjoy life to the fullest.