Four legged

People, Street

Not a particular nice or esthetic picture this time, but it makes me chuckle. Strolling around in my beloved Utrecht, I suddenly saw this man sitting on the lap of his girlfriend/wife (?). The blunt look on his face (as if this posture was common practice for them) and the legs of the woman sticking out between his, made me grap my camera. I had to use the technique explained by Zack Arias (fast forward to the 1 minute mark), but as you can see-click to enlarge-the man just started to look agitated. I would have been annoyed too….Four legged



People, Street

I consider myself as a practitioner of the Buddhist philosophy. A key element in Buddhism is the concept of non-self or Anatta, expressed in a funny way in this cartoon, in the sense of not identifying with your sense of self which is a cause of suffering. An insight of the Buddha which is not always that easy to digest or the follow but very meaningful nevertheless.


non selfie