What I Have To Offer

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Although I am a huge fan of Mark E Everett and his band Eels, due to some personal little earthquakes last year I had a difficult time listening to his music that has often a melodramatic character. He is a master in expressing the struggle he has with romance and love:

What I Have To Offer

What I have to offer
Well, there’s a lot
Now I’m a modest man
But look at all I got
For all the wear and tear
I look OK
I got good manners
And I make good pay
And you know I’m all full of love
For you
What I have to offer
Well, there’s so much
I care and nurture and a
Tender touch
I got a pleasin’ disposition
And I don’t care about
Football or fishin’
And you know that I’m all full of love
For you
What I have to offer
Well, check it out
I’ve learned some things
And I know what it’s about 

I’m quite discerning and
I’m pretty smart
It takes an awful lot to
Win my heart

But you know that I’m so full of love
For you


So when this amazing artist recently visited The Netherlands, I hesitated for a moment to go but just for a brief moment. I took my beloved Leica M8 with me and being signed by Anton Corbijn it resulted in this photograph which reminds me of the Rattle and Hum period of U2.

Thanks Mark and Anton for your art and inspiration.





Stillness and still in motion


With this amazing film still buzzing in my mind, I took a stroll back to my car. Late at night, my beloved Utrecht was still in full motion with people enjoying themselves but the city on its own was in full motion too. The lights, sounds and smells made me get into a meditative state. As I was walking through the streets and along the canals, I set my Leica on ISO 800 and the shutter speed on 1/30 sec.. This way I could be fully engaged with the process of capturing what I saw and felt. I did not worry whether the pictures would come out good and that proved to be a very good thing. I like the atmosphere of this picture, I hope you like it too.







Waiting for the screening of the great documentary on Anton Corbijn in one of my favorite cinema’s, the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and looked around the café which is part of the cinema. It really is a lovely place to be. Designed by Johannes Izak Planjer, it started as a police station and is now part of the national trust and being exploited as a cinema. It is jam-packed with gorgeous design details which brings you a visual feast without even having watched a motion picture.

At night


I’ve always liked walking through town at night or late in the evening. The pace of life drops, but you still feel the vibrancy. This picture is taken in Utrecht, one of the main cities in The Netherlands. Less ´in your face´ than Amsterdam but surely with its own charm and boasting great restaurants, museums, shops and canals. If you decide to visit The Netherlands, paying Utrecht a visit won’t disappoint you. Furthermore, it´s centraly situated and a 30 minute drive from Schiphol, our national airport.

Non attachment


Walking towards the train station to pick up a friend of mine, I decided to take some pictures as well. I spotted this couple, they passed me in a glimpse so I felt lucky to have catched them ‘on film’. They seemed in a hurry and that made me even more curious about their story. Examing the picture afterwards confirmed my initial thought that I had when I decided to release the shutter. The thought of two people strongly tied to each other. Sure the tandem bike reinforces this thought, but also the expression on their faces. Made me think how people can be depended on each other, for the worse and the better. Sometimes you have no choice other than to depended on someone. In general however, the insight of non attachment changed my life completly. The idea of not clinging to people, relationships, possesion or anything that seem to determine your luck, is liberating and makes you appreciate the things you have at his very moment even more.