The man pictured on this photograph is Ty Taylor of the band Vintage Trouble . They are supporting ACDC on their tour right now and visited Rotterdam on their own where they performed at the Metropolis Festival. I was totally blown away by their performance but managed to take some pictures though. They are not only excellent musicians […]

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Tony Bennett

This very weekend I visited the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, along with my girlfriend, her sister and daughter. One of the acts was the famous crooner Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga. The venue was jam-packed as there were a lot of ‘little monsters’ as Lady Gaga likes to call her fans, but sure enough […]

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I’ve used the film simulation of DxO Filmpack for a while now with great results. Especially the Rollei Retro simulation can really add some magic to your pictures. What has bothered me though is that this is a plugin for Lightroom rather than a preset. That means that you have to let make Lightroom make […]

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Walking through Rotterdam and making regularly use of its subway system, I noticed this passage. It is has perfect symmetry. I like the play and complexity of the lines. You see a lot of very sharp photographs nowadays, but to my eyes not always in a nice way. The Summilux lens shows an amazing sharpness […]

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Don’t leave

I like traveling by train. That’s to say, not during rush hour. I recently visited the Boymans Museum in Rotterdam and traveling by train to the centre of the city is the most convenient way to get to the Boymans Museum. As I was waiting for my train to leave the Central Station, I was […]

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Old but not forgotten

At the Rotterdam Maashaven harbour, there used to be a lot of activity. Sure, the Rotterdam port is still one of the largest of its kind but this particular segment has been out-of-order for a long time. It’s a beautiful place to stroll around though and it’s very photogenic.

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This guy caused quite a stir some time ago. As you recognise the item he is holding you probably understand why ;-). Even in the Netherlands with it’s relative (and I mean this in many ways) liberal environment, many people were offended by this piece of art. The question if everything is granted as long […]

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