I kind of raved about Utrecht as opposed to Amsterdam in my last post but that does not mean that I dislike Amsterdam, definitely not.  Let me explain.  Amsterdam is loved by most tourists and loved but also hated by a lot of your Dutch fellow earthlings…It happens to be that I know quite a lot of people who live in Amsterdam, so I guess I can consider myself a regular visitor. My bias is on the positive side but many are intimated by the quite rude and arrogant attitude which seems to be the norm in Amsterdam. The by-pass around Amsterdam is often referred as the fine line between everything hip & happening (Amsterdam) and rest of the Netherlands: rural and dull. Oh well, at least Amsterdam is a fine place to take pictures, like this one which is taken in the Amsterdam Central Station. This woman and the lighting got my attention, so I quickly took the picture. Too fast as I needed to crop the picture considerably afterwards. I enjoy observing  people passing by, although I know I am prone to stare at people which can be quite creepy I guess…it’s just about being fascinated about people and enjoying the seemingly ordinary things around us :-).


At night


I’ve always liked walking through town at night or late in the evening. The pace of life drops, but you still feel the vibrancy. This picture is taken in Utrecht, one of the main cities in The Netherlands. Less ´in your face´ than Amsterdam but surely with its own charm and boasting great restaurants, museums, shops and canals. If you decide to visit The Netherlands, paying Utrecht a visit won’t disappoint you. Furthermore, it´s centraly situated and a 30 minute drive from Schiphol, our national airport.