Synchronicity is an interesting concept in the sense that is ‘the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not casually connected’. I am sure you have experienced this phenomena yourself. The beauty of it contains also the problem with it and that it has a subjective nature, hence the criticism this concept gets. I find it fascinating anyway and it prompted me to post this picture. I took  it at the Rockefeller Centre in New York. The two gentlemen seemed completely in sync, hardly exchange words with each other.





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The winter in the Netherlands has been very mild so far. So when we did experienced a little snow, many got out to enjoy the lovely weather it was accompanied by. In my case, I jumped on my bike to take some pictures. As I cycled along the meadows, I noticed the lines of the ditches disappearing into the distance so I decided to move my bicycle nearer to the meadow. After I had managed to get back on my feet, I realized that particular part of the street was quite slippery….Oh well, I managed to take this picture so why complain eh?
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Recently I came across an article in which was stated that on average, smartphones are being checked 150 times a day. I think that is a very plausible estimate. FOMO and the use of your smartphones for your work or study makes that you grab your device many times in an unconsciousness way. I took this picture of my daughter while I sat across her at the dinner table. My camera happened to lay beside me on one of the chairs. Just in front of her you see the mug she gave me for my birthday 🙂Kira iPhone_Rollei Retro 80S_post highlights -47_shadows 58 (1 of 1)