In the moment

Art, Music, People

Being in the moment. With spirituality on the rise, being ‘present’, ‘aware’ and ‘conscious’ are top priorities among those who seek enlightenment and freedom of suffering. Being attracted by Buddhism and the practice of yoga myself, I’d guess I am among these group of people as well. As a guitar player and a photographer, I try to put these insights into practice via these two hobby’s. Being present means that you can sense what’s going on, inside and outside of you.With the art of photography, this is essential for making a picture which is meaningful. With guitar playing or making music in general, it means that you are able to transcend something to your audience which makes them joyful, sad or just plain happy to be alive. Let’s call it vibrations. I am always in awe when I see an artist who can perform flawlessly, who can enjoy the music and stayed focused on his or her playing at the same time. It definitely is one of my challenges as a guitar player! The picture shows Dutch guitarist Harry Sacksioni, who is an awesome player and pleasant human being too. He liked the pictures I send to him so much that he published a few on his site. A great combination of my two passions in life!