Upside down

  As a non-professional photographer I do not get that much of appraisal for my work other than from my dear friends and family (something I appreciate a lot of course). Today I got an e-mail from Steve Huff, a well known photographer, blogger and someone for who I have a lot respect in many […]

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Doing nothing

It’s a funny thing. I consider myself as someone with a crazy monkey mind in the sense that I am constantly thinking about something to do. It has been one of the drivers to my meditation and yoga practice as I was in need for a place to come back to everyday. To keep sane […]

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When I was browsing through some recent pictures lately, I came across this picture and all of a sudden Carl Perkins version of Your True Love popped up in my mind.  A simple but great song. I do not consider myself a dog lover per se, but the joy and love dogs express to their […]

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New Born

Oh man, it’s been 13 years since I’ve welcomed our daughter to this world. Ever since that moment I am in a constant awe. Maybe that sounds a bit exaggerated to you, but I can assure you that it’s a genuine statement. As I expressed my feelings about being a father in previous posts Connection and Sweet, I try […]

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Bi-cycle view‏

Reading a very inspiring post on Henri Cartier Bresson and his use of perspective and composition, I’ve come to realise more than I have ever done before that observation, timing and foremost patience is key to capture a picture that stands out from others you have taken. It has become a sort of worn out statement […]

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