Upside down

Luck, People


As a non-professional photographer I do not get that much of appraisal for my work other than from my dear friends and family (something I appreciate a lot of course). Today I got an e-mail from Steve Huff, a well known photographer, blogger and someone for who I have a lot respect in many ways. Steve’s site is first class and one of the best read and viewed sites on photography and highly regarded among fellow photographers. Steve has posted  my submitted pictures today. Now I am the one who’s getting all of the praise, even from photographers who normally get mine praises……the world upside down but I like it!


Doing nothing


It’s a funny thing. I consider myself as someone with a crazy monkey mind in the sense that I am constantly thinking about something to do. It has been one of the drivers to my meditation and yoga practice as I was in need for a place to come back to everyday. To keep sane as to speak. Having said that, I really can enjoy doing nothing as long as I have no distractions like playing guitar, working out with weights or listening to music (to name just a few)….So, that’s actually a bit weird but I’d guess it’s one of the ways the human mind works.

So, one day as I decided to take a ride on my bicycle day, I also decided to let my sense (or rather lack of) of direction determine which way to go. As I approached the city of Utrecht, the city I love so dearly, I stopped to have a break in a park near the city center. Just sitting on a bench, seeing people enjoying their selves and having a conversation with a couple next to me, a feeling of well-being fueled my senses. The less you do, the more you sense. Sound and vision. Smell and touch. I try to incorporate these quality moments in my life more often. As long as this not becomes one of the many things-to-do, it’s okay right? 😉



When I was browsing through some recent pictures lately, I came across this picture and all of a sudden Carl Perkins version of Your True Love popped up in my mind.  A simple but great song. I do not consider myself a dog lover per se, but the joy and love dogs express to their owners can be very inspirational. To do just things for fun, for not holding back, to not regret anything, to  love unconditionaly and to come back to your loved ones again and again.

New Born


Oh man, it’s been 13 years since I’ve welcomed our daughter to this world. Ever since that moment I am in a constant awe. Maybe that sounds a bit exaggerated to you, but I can assure you that it’s a genuine statement. As I expressed my feelings about being a father in previous posts Connection and Sweet, I try not to repeat myself in this post. As your life is in a constant flux everything is impermanent, so is your parenthood. It’ being confronted with a new born that you realize how fast it’s changing. A dear friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy recently and she not only gave me the opportunity to take photographs of their 5 days old child, but also asked me to use them for their birth announcement card. Obviously, that has been quite a honor to do. As I was taking pictures of their child, I had a flashback to the time that our daughter was a baby. Words cannot describe how your life changes when you become a parent. It’s not about being more happy or having a more fulfilling life. It’s just different…..and just….awesome.

Bi-cycle view‏

Nature, Street

Reading a very inspiring post on Henri Cartier Bresson and his use of perspective and composition, I’ve come to realise more than I have ever done before that observation, timing and foremost patience is key to capture a picture that stands out from others you have taken. It has become a sort of worn out statement but it’s all about ‘the decisive moment’ (I recently came across a bumper sticker that states ‘I brake for decisive moments’ wich is quite funny though). Take this picture for example. Bicyclists and hikers were enjoying the weather and moving along the canal. I was intrigued by the pattern created by the trees aside the canal, the parallel lines of the canal itself and the moving people along the road so I decided to stop and take some pictures. Focusing on the other side of the canal I waited for an interesting composition to arise, which eventually did happen. The man in the front peeks at the other man on the other side of the canal. Both cycling and with their own direction in life.