The innate wisdom of children

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A photograph from a couple of years ago, again….Taken in England, don’t know where exactly to be honest. This is our little girl, deeply sunken in her thoughts. We were utterly surprised to find here sitting there in the middle of the church. Maybe she was just tired…maybe she was actually thinking or even in a meditative state. Nevertheless this image reminds me of something I believe in; that children have an innate wisdom we adults tend to forget we too have. Furthermore, adultsĀ can be inspired by theirĀ attitude towards life and each brand new day.



Together separated

Analog, Luck, People

Scanning the many analog films I have, I found this one. This is my ex-wife and our (now teenage) daughter. Approximately 10 years ago, we were on holiday in The Netherlands. A few years later we decided to get divorced. A tough decision wich still can fill me with guild towards our daughter. Luckily, her mother and I have an excellent and respectful relationship so although separated as a couple, we are still together as a family.Kira (1 of 1)-107