Your highest power

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Your highest spiritual power is your ability to laugh. To laugh HARD, no holding back and not being afraid to be looked upon as a crazy person or to feel vulnerable. It not only releases you from tension and gets your body to make all sorts of good feeling hormones, it also nuances the ‘problem’ you are facing. They even have based a type of yoga on it. Go on and try it! 😀



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I recently visited the Kröller-Müller Museum. A must see if you visit the Netherlands, with the world’s second largest collection of Van Gogh’s and a beautiful garden full of art. Lying around in the garden of the museum and enjoying the sun, I saw a great scene enfolding. I grabbed my camera because I had to capture this moment. As their parents were relaxing just like me, three kids decided to have a little contest by running across the garden. Oh man, you have so much excess energy when you are a child! What hits me every time I see children play, is their abundance and ability to just have fun. Why do we lose that ability when we are growing up? On a rational level I can understand why…but how shall the world look if we act a little more like children? Click on the photo to enlarge, look at their faces and get inspired by our little teachers 🙂
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