Meeting your hero

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They say that meeting your hero can be a disappointment , but it surely was not the case when I recently met Joe Satriani. As expressed already in this post, this guitarist means a lot to me. This time I had decided to opt for the ‘VIP package’ which includes meeting Joe….Although the security of the site was quite nervous and we had to line up for Joe, his assistant and Joe himself were very relaxed and easy-going. I practice the insights from Buddhism in which concepts as ego and equanimity are very prominent but surely that went all overboard! After shaking hands and thanking Joe for his music, art and the place his music takes in my heart, I asked Joe to sign my M9, just as Corbijn has signed my M8, which he happily did. The concert was awesome and as you can see, Joe played 1-2 feet away from me. After the encore he give me a big smile, pointed at me and made a ‘thank you’ gesture. To my big surprise, he decided to place this other picture on his site. Not as a photograph but as ‘art’.This picture is actually the result of the M9 not handling the burst of light of the stage lights. I was shooting at a fixed shutter speed and wide open which resulted in a totally over blown picture. I liked the results however and decided to send the picture to his webmaster. As the title of his latest album is ‘Shockwave Supernova’ the response of Joe was: Vincent van Kleef sent us this “shocking” photo he snagged while at the Heerlen show a couple of weeks ago. Joe shreds his way into a Supernova!!


Definitely one of my highlights in 2015 :-).M8-M9_Corbijn_SatrianiSatriani


The soundtrack of your life

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Satch_Rollei Retro (1 of 1)I recently went to a concert of Joe Satriani. I am a music fanatic and a guitar player myself from my early teens on, and this genius is on my musical radar for more than 20 years now. Joe Satriani has the ability to mix unearthly virtuosity with beautiful musical landscapes, as I like to call his compositions. This week I came across the term synesthesia, a condition in which you see colors when listening to music and I have a similar experience with his music.His tunes are very melodic and hummable. I often tell people the story of my daughter, singing his tunes in the back of the car as she was only a toddler. The fan base of Satriani consists not only out of guitarists, but a wide variety people who are just as caught by his music like me. He seems to be a very nice, humble and fun loving guy too. In is fifties now, he does not show any signs of slowing down. As I have listened to his music for so long now, It feels like he has written the soundtrack of my life and continues to do so. This picture is taken while the professional photographers were allowed to take pictures with their ‘rifles’ (as I like to call their big DSLR’s). Luckily only for a couple of songs. I was able to take some good shots of Joe as I had the perfect spot, right in front of him! You can see a few examples in this set of my Flickr photo stream.