Thanks for visiting my blog. As there are already many blogs around, I have hesitated to start my own. Being an amateur photograper with a contemplative mind, I’ve chosen a minimal approach by posting a photograph every now and then and to leave a short comment as well. I will only post B/W pictures, try to let the photograph speak for itself and share my thoughts that resonate with the picture (hence the name of this blog). I’ve also decided to write the blog in English, for I am aiming on an international audience ;-). As I am definitely not a native English speaker (I am Dutch) , you’ll probably find some grammatical errors and typos…..If you like the posts, please share them with your friends and/or subscribe. If you like my pictures, mostly shot with my trusty M8, please visit my Flickr page.




One thought on “About

  1. I like your philosophy of less is better. It is a fresh perspective that so many in the Western culture do not have the dicipline to maintain (including myself 🙂 ) Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your thoughtful suggestions.

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