As I was waiting for the subway to Amsterdam Central Station, I noticed a father and his daughter performing jumps and taking pictures with their smart phone. I decided to position myself strategically and to prefocus so when the ‘decisive moment’ happened, I was ready to shoot. I had a nice chat in the subway about analog camera’s with the two afterwards. At one moment the father started to talk enthusiastically about his Canon SLR-which he confessed has not been used for a very long time-after which his teenage daughter started to roll her eyes and staring through the cabins window. When I made a remark to her about that and acknowledged her boredom, she smiled and nodded. Kids can be brutal honest and straight forward :-).


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2 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. wow, I clicked on that link you provided about the decisive moment.. So good! and the images stunning!
    I love your picture! now if the shape of the dad jumping figure was a little more bright (it is a little dark, unless its my screen) it would been perfect!

    • Vincent says:

      Henri Cartier Bresson is one the masters of street photography. Be sure to check out the work of Vivian Mayer as well! Yes, the look of pictures can vary a lot per monitor (I have an iMac). I decided to have the father look like silhouette. Thanks for you comment!

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