Selling a dream

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In my professional life I am in sales rep. It took me a while to take pride in, because for quite some time I didn’t consider selling as a real trade like being a dentist, a baker or plasterer. Let alone a job in which you practice an art like music or painting. As years went by I’ve come to realize that ‘just being in sales’ is serious business and whatever you do with pride and integrity, can add something worthfull to your life and that of others. When selling is done in a wrong way, it sells you a dream which cannot be fulfilled,will let you feel unsatisfied and in case of someone’s personal life, unhappy.

This picture is taken at the Fibo fitness event in Cologne Germany and did me take back to my younger days as a ‘workout junkie’. I’ve been working out with weights for most of my adult life and I still love it. Being in my forties I still have the motivation to have an intense workout most of the days of the week. It keeps me fit and strong, things that diminish as you get older. Back in the day, glancing through the magazines, the pictures and stories of the (chemically enhanced) athletes inspired me to work out and to try new techniques, training regimes and…supplements like protein powder and weight gainers. You know on a conscious level that it’s all about proper nutrition, good sleep and just enjoying a fulfilling, happy life. On a subconscious level though, the message is: ‘use this product and get the body of the physique stars’. Seeing all these young and eager men in awe of this bodybuilder, next to HUGE tubs of weight gainers, I chuckled but it left me a bit disheartened inside too.

Minolta April (1 of 1)-12


4 thoughts on “Selling a dream

  1. Controversial photo, just like you described it..

    “whatever you do with pride and integrity, can add something worthfull to your life and that of others”
    My favorite part of this post. Just awesome.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I had mixed feelings when I walked at the event. It inspired me to take some photo’s though and to write this post.

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