At night

I’ve always liked walking through town at night or late in the evening. The pace of life drops, but you still feel the vibrancy. This picture is taken in Utrecht, one of the main cities in The Netherlands. Less ´in your face´ than Amsterdam but surely with its own charm and boasting great restaurants, museums, shops and canals. If you decide to visit The Netherlands, paying Utrecht a visit won’t disappoint you. Furthermore, it´s centraly situated and a 30 minute drive from Schiphol, our national airport.

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9 thoughts on “At night

  1. KJGarbutt says:

    Great shot. I really like it. Utrecht is now on my list.

  2. Jai says:

    Nice shot! The perspective & composition are awesome.

  3. I love the combination of visual textures in this…the striped walls, at least five different interesting patterns of bricks, the fence, the glass…not to mention the contrast of light and dark. A photographic feast!

  4. denelle says:

    this is GORGEOUS! i LOVE it!

  5. Vincent says:

    Thanx! Great you love this post 🙂

  6. […] my sense (or rather lack of) of direction determine which way to go. As I approached the city of Utrecht, the city I love so dearly, I stopped to have a break in a park near the city center. Just sitting […]

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